Human Resources

A company’s performance depends upon men that shape it, and the way they apprehend their duties. ELBA AFRIKA attends and moves along with you through all the steps of the staff management and suggests you well figured solutions, adapted to your needs and to your particular features while respecting your values and your way of operating. We reach out to meet each client that do resort to us in order to analyze its needs and to set up a free of charge and personalized advanced diagnosis. The entirety of the services provided by ELBA AFRIKA in the field of Human Resources is composed of:

Recruitment & Executive Search

Candidates Professional Evaluation

Staff Manpower

Professional training (Soft & Technical training)

HR Advisory

Human Resources Sub-Contracting

Human Resources sub-contracting is an attractive option to the clients, because it provides full flexibility to your organization. It also allows the companies’ leaders to care for the numerous legal requirements given by the labor legislation which takes its origin from many legal and regulatory texts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For that, ELBA AFRIKA SAS does have a staff that masters better employers’ rights and obligations toward their employees.

Payroll Outsourcing

ELBA AFRIKA SAS suggests a complete and flexible outsourced payroll service, adapted to the specific needs of its clients. The untimely modifications of the legal and regulative texts in the field of labor, social and fiscal laws have weighed down the employers load in their internal administrative systems.

Payroll Processing

Our Payroll outsourcing services have noticeably appeased this administrative load by providing the following services:

  • Updating for our clients the modifications brought to the legislation regarding the salaries.
  • Reducing the errors risks that can intervene in the salaries calculation and which consequently brings aboutpenalties from the public administrations and also from some state-controlled services.
  • Implementing strategies policies and procedures in the field of remuneration and of the management of benefits
  • In compliance with the enforced legislation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • The payroll data management and other additional information (register of attendance, bonuses, leave, overtime, deductions and 13, cheque, etc.
  • Suggestion to employers and the implementation of the SAGE Paie & RH, SAGE VIP Payroll, SAP B-One systems.
  • The calculation and the statement of the income tax.
  • The calculation and the padding on behalf of clients from all trends of social contributions.
  • The training and the updating of the payroll software.

Social Tax Declarations

  • Calculation and declaration of taxes on IPR, IERE income (exceptional taxes on expatriate remuneration), etc.
  • Calculation and filling on behalf of clients of all social contributions such as but not limited to ONEM, INPP, CNSS etc.