Human Resources

ELBA Afrika SAS supports you in all stages of personnel management by offering tailor-made solutions, adapted to your needs and your particularities while respecting your values ​​and your functioning.

Legal Advice

ELBA AFRIKA SAS has a great capacity to assist companies with their legal concerns. It has qualified and experienced human resources who adapt to the specific, occasional or permanent legal needs of our clients.

Management Services

Elba Afrika SAS is your trusted partner whenever you need an instant solution to manage a crisis affecting your organization, provide interim management services or provide security or facility management activities.

Visa Management

ELBA AFRIKA SAS provides its services in the procedures related to the issuing of work permit, as well as of work visa, and of any other type of visas, depending upon the demand of its clients, and that is done within a reasonable space of time, and in conformity with the law in the DR.Congo.

Translation of Documents

ELBA AFRIKA has translators sworn in, with the capacity to certify documents.

Support and Integration of management software

In order to improve the business management system, ELBA AFRIKA makes itself available to its customers (Businesses) as an integrator of management solutions by offering them several management software packages with a local support approach.