Mining Support Services in the Democratic Republic of Congo & Zambia

Deeply rooted in local culture and empowered by global insights, Our mission is to provide exceptional Mining support services, promote cultural integration, and foster trust within the dynamic mining industry.

seamlessly blending our Congolese, Australian & Zambian Experience to empower mining organisations

Trustworthy Partners

Committed to being dependable partners, aligning our Mining support services with your business objectives

Cultural Harmony

Celebrating Congolese-Zambian traditions while embracing global innovation

Results Driven

Commitment to delivering tangible results within the Region’s mining sector

Welcome to Elba Afrika

Your Bridge to Global Mining Excellence

At Elba Afrika, we’re more than just a company; we’re a unique blend of Australian-Congolese-Zambian heritage dedicated to redefining support services in the mining industry. Our roots run deep in the Region’s soil, enriched by a stream of Australian experience and global insights. We’re here to be your trusted partner, guiding you through the complexities of cultural integration, compliance, and operational excellence in the Region’s dynamic mining landscape.

Our Mission

Uniting Cultures, Empowering Operations

Integrity. Trustworthiness. Adaptability. These aren’t just words to us; they’re the pillars of our approach to every service we offer. From seamless recruitment to comprehensive technical support services, we bring a practical, down-to-earth style to our work, free from jargon, full of real-world solutions. We’re here to ensure your mining operations thrive, backed by our experienced, cross-cultural, and approachable team.

Behind Elba Afrika

Not just a business, we're a family with deep AusCongoZambian roots and perspective.

We are committed to transforming Mining services, seamlessly blending our Congolese roots, with Australian experience and Zambian insights to empower mining organisations operating in the Region, enabling sharper focus where you need it most.

What We Offer

Tailored Solutions

Embark on your international venture with a partner that understands every nuance of the journey. Elba Afrika’s suite of services is tailored to guide, support, and empower your business at every turn.

Navigate the complexities of international mobilisation with ease. Our Expatriate Services offer comprehensive support for work permits, cultural integration, and more, ensuring a smooth transition.

Expand your mining operations confidently in the DRC and Zambia. Our Business Expansion Support provides expert guidance on local compliance and operational setup to help your business thrive.

Discover top talent with our specialised Recruitment Services. We connect you with the best candidates, offering a seamless recruitment process that aligns with the unique demands of the mining industry.

Stay ahead of HR legalities with our HR Compliance services. We seek to simplifying legal compliance complexities and help avoid unnecessary resourcing headaches. Through ethical practices, we work to ensure your business adheres to all local regulations, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Connecting Talent

Whether you’re kickstarting your venture in the Region’s rich mining landscape or scaling new heights with your established enterprise, Elba Afrika is your gateway to uncharted success.

Mining The Right Talent

Elba Afrika connects skilled professionals eager to make their mark in the mining sector with businesses in the region. If you possess the drive and expertise, whether as a seasoned local expert or an expat with a heart for the mining industry, we present a spectrum of roles within vibrant and culturally rich teams. Embark on a career where your growth and advancement are more than goals—they’re our commitment to you.

Our Management Team

Get to know the faces behind the Elba Afrika management team—our dedicated team of professionals who bring a world of experience and a heartfelt commitment to every partnership and project. Discover the personal touch that makes our services truly stand out.


Alain Banza 

Group HR Manager

Paula Sheppy

Zambia Country Manager

Jean-Paul Mwamba

Contact Us Today

Your journey to seamless Mining solutions in the mining sector begins with a conversation. Our Elba Afrika specialists are ready to discuss your unique needs and offer customised solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a collaboration that transforms your business.

Join Us at CAMINEX & DRC Mining Week! 🎉📣

We’re Exhibiting @ CAMINEX in Zambia!
Meet our team at CAMINEX, 28th-30th May @ Kitwe Showgrounds in Zambia! Network with industry leaders and learn about our mining support services.

Elba Afrika SAS @ DRC Mining Week!
We are excited to announce that Elba Afrika SAS will be participating as a Silver Sponsor at the upcoming 19th edition of the DRC Mining Week! Our team is looking forward to meeting with industry leaders, sharing ideas, and exploring the latest innovations that are shaping the future of mining.

📣 To our partners, customers, and friends in the mining community, join us at these events. Your support keeps us going. See you there!