HR Compliance

At Elba Afrika, we understand the importance of HR compliance in the mining industry. Our services are designed to ensure that your operations in the DRC meet all legal requirements, mitigating risks and fostering a productive work environment.

Recruitment & Payroll Compliance (EOR)

Our Employer of Record (EOR) service ensures that your recruitment and payroll processes are fully compliant with local laws. We manage all aspects of payroll, from employee onboarding to tax deductions, ensuring accurate and timely execution in line with DRC and Zambia’s regulations.

Immigration Visa & Work Permit Compliance

Managing the intricacies of immigration, visa, and work permit regulations in the DRC and Zambia can be challenging, ultimately determining operational sustainability and success. We provide expert guidance and management of these processes to ensure full compliance, avoiding any legal complications for your business and your international staff.

Labour Law

Regular auditing of labour practices is crucial for compliance. We conduct comprehensive labour law audits to identify any potential issues and provide solutions to ensure your business aligns with current regulations and best practices.

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Industrial Relations Bargaining

We streamline the bargaining process, ensuring that negotiations between employers and employees are fair, legally sound, and promote a cohesive work environment. Our expertise facilitates clear communication and balanced agreements that serve both the company’s goals and employee rights.

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution services quickly address and defuse workplace conflicts, ensuring fair outcomes that respect all parties. We aim to establish lasting industrial peace by fostering constructive dialogue and preventing future disagreements.

Policy & procedure

Developing clear HR policies and procedures adapted to the DRC and Zambia context is essential. We help create and translate these documents, ensuring they are understandable and relevant to all employees, regardless of their language or cultural background.

DRC ARSP Sub-contractor Compliance Support

Elba Afrika is a licensed DRC ARSP subcontractor, offering compliance support for organisations needing to engage foreign contractors. This is a legal requirement in the process of engaging foreign contractors, allowing organisations to focus on their core activities while ensuring that they operate within the legal framework and regulatory guidelines established by authorities.

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Development & Translation

Elba Afrika specialises in developing HR policies and procedures for the mining industry in the DRC and Zambia. We provide precise translations, whilst maintaining integrity to ensure that all employees, regardless of language, can understand and comply with your company’s HR framework. Our integrated approach creates an inclusive and culturally sensitive work environment that is legally compliant.

We tailor HR policies to be culturally inclusive, ensuring legal compliance resonates with the local workforce.

We ensure smooth policy integration into your business framework, making compliance straightforward and effective.

We ensure smooth policy integration into your business framework, making compliance straightforward and effective.

Our multilingual expertise ensures that the essence of every HR policy is maintained across languages, fostering understanding and adherence.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re seeking information about our services, processes, or company policies, we’ve compiled a helpful list of questions and responses to guide you.

We cover all aspects, including recruitment and payroll compliance, immigration and work permit processes, labour law auditing, industrial relations, and the development and translation of HR policies and procedures.

Our team has extensive experience in navigating the DRC’s immigration laws, and we provide comprehensive services to ensure that your business and expatriate staff remain fully compliant.

Labour law auditing is essential to identify and rectify any compliance issues. We conduct thorough audits and provide guidance on aligning your practices with legal requirements and best practices.

Yes, we specialise in developing and translating HR policies that are not only compliant with DRC laws but also resonate with the local workforce and business culture.

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