ELBA AFRIKA SAS is an Advisory and Management Consultancy firm, currently based in Lubumbashi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is  being characterized by a professionalism with no reproach and does make available to you services adapted to the needs of your company.

ELBA AFRIKA SAS is an inspiration from our founder and current CEO & Chairman, Mr. ALAIN BANZA, a seasoned expert in Human Resources Management matters with a particular expertise in Taxation, Employee and Industrial Relations, Job Classification and Expat Management. Alain has worked for over 15 years’ operating in various fields of activities such as, but not limited to the Mining Industry, Drilling Services, Aviation in Congo DRC and Zimbabwe. Alain studied in both Congo DRC and France. With his wealth of experience,Alain Banza is your competent and dedicated Advisory and Management business partner providing best-in-class services. Alain was born December 12, 1977 and holds the Congolese nationality.

At Elba Afrika SAS we empower companies by actively engaging with our customers.

ELBA AFRIKA SAS has among its staff a team of professionals and emeritus consultants with a spectrum of expertise, originating from different locations and committed tirelessly to sign partnership contracts with international experts.

ELBA AFRIKA SAS also has among its staff local employees highly qualified ready to meet the expectations of its customers and partners.

ELBA AFRIKA SAS is being characterized by a professionalism with no reproach and does make available to you services adapted to the needs of your companies. 

Our Vision

We are fully assured that learning and the know-how have been for ages the key to progress and to the well-being of humankind. To become a leader in our field of service is doubtlessly our main priority. This is being reflected by a quality service that we are devoted to provide to our customers.

Our Mission​

It is of performing quality services in a permanent looking for the satisfaction of the customer, and doing so by supplying with reliable information, even to give sustainable solutions to companies’ management and administrative problems, as well as to the activities of individuals that need our services. And this we Weadhere to our 4 Principles:

  • Knowledge
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Integrity

Our Values

Since the day we started, at the creation of the company ELBA AFRIKA, our main objective was to build an organization based on the following values:

ü  Respect

ELBA AFRIKA is committed to respecting its inside collaborators (employees and consultants) as well as the outside ones who are its clients (companies and individuals).

This respect is being expressed by strictly observing laws, implemented regulative laws in the Democratic Republic of Congo, client companies’ internal regulative laws, as well as their conformity diplomacy. Our services will be performed with respect to confidentiality.

ü  Credibility

The respect toward our commitment will surely generate credibility on the part of them that will choose to entrust concerns to ELBA AFRIKA.

ü  Honesty

Honesty is a value we do stand for within our organization in order to enhance its credibility vis-à-vis our inside as well as outside partners. Honesty implies the supply of a well-mastered service. 

Lastly, our values are also characterized by the know-how, quality, commitment, availability, responsibility and vicinity.